Have your say about Rotherham Advertiser

Are you tired of   ‘lazy journalism’ ? Fed up of reading pieces lifted directly from press releases provided by the subject  in question? Longing for a ‘MacShane free week’ ? Bored of seeing the same old stories from the same old people week after week? Wish you could have your opinion aired more objectively ?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to even one of these questions, now is the time to join the Rotherham Advertiser’s Readers Panel !

Rona Biggins, PA to Doug Melloy of the Rotherham Advertiser says :

‘ Thank you for letting me know you are able to attend the meeting on 19 July at Vascos.
I have attached a copy of the questionnaire as requested. We are hoping to attract more members over the next few months, particularly non-readers, occasional readers and some younger people so it would be helpful if you could pass it on to anyone you know would be interested.’

Anyone interested or knows anyone interested, either get in touch here or contact Rona directly at

Garnett Dickinson Publishing Ltd
Brookfields Way
South Yorkshire
S63 5DL

T.+44 (0) 1709 768000
Hope to see you at the next meeting ...
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