New newspaper watchdog ? Bring it on …

So, Cameron, Miliband and Clegg have called for the Press Complaints Commission to be scrapped following its handling of the News of the World  phone hacking debacle.

The prime minister  has demanded “a new system entirely” and the Labour leader says the organisation was a “toothless poodle”.

I agree wholeheartedly, though the PCC says that as they are an “independent” organisation the government can’t just order a replacement (forgive my use of speech marks around the word “independent” – I find it difficult to use the word without, especially when talking about politics)  The PCC is so similar in it’s response to criticism that it brings to mind RMBC Standards Board with it’s habit of putting in charge of an investigation the very people who are being investigated !

With the arrest of former editor Andy Coulson now under investigation for corruption and phone hacking, it’s to be hoped that all newspapers will now think more than twice before behaving in the underhand manner that appears to have been becoming the norm.

If the cap fits, Mr K Hall of Maltby News …





















































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