Local Development Framework – Public Consultation

So, the Public Consultation for Rotherham’s Local Development Framework has begun. Well officially anyway.

I am desperately trying to keep my cynicism away and approach this “new” consultation process with an open mind and not dwell on past experiences. I was doing ok with this until I ‘dropped in’ at the ‘drop-in’ at Maltby last Thursday.

All the suggested sites were there on the plans and maps ready for the public’s opinion on what to do and where to go next. I asked lots of questions and got lots of replies. It’s just that I can’t understand how it can be said that a certain place is ideal for 55 houses when in the same breath they say that they don’t know what type of houses, private or RMBC owned or even who the land currently belongs to.

Neil Rainsworth from Forward Planning agreed to send me the documents so that I can look at them at my leisure.

Documents attached Рawaiting  perusal and opinions!


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1 Response to Local Development Framework – Public Consultation

  1. stewartplatt says:

    do u mean they did,nt have the answers or more likely were,nt prepared to tell u ,how can u have sites marked for developement put on each site how many houses are going on each site then not be able to give members of the publicthe imformation they request.how much money then was waisted on this exercise????????????????????

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