What a difference ten days make …

Well, my short term as a ‘commenter’ on http://rotherhampolitics.wordpress.com seems to have come to an end.

From an email on 20th September thanking me for a recent post, asking for more and  requesting some ‘intelligence’ today, I am told that I (and others) have “made fools of us all, when allowed free range to comment”  as well as ” Breaking with our established etiquette and doing all kinds of damage, mostly to your own reputations.”

Read the rest here (if it hasn’t already been deleted)





maltbyblogger shall continue to blog, if not on Rotherham Politics then elsewhere.

See y’all around !

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2 Responses to What a difference ten days make …

  1. stewartplatt says:

    wat have u been barred from FREE speach as well ,wat,s the world coming to,i was told i could put anytjing onthere site but once u start to question them it seems u cant.one of them ,u no the annonemous ones even called me a moron,well i,ve been called worse

  2. Rather a moron than a 2/3 or more faced hypocrite, I think !

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