… more “Jottings from a Quality Parish Council!”

Mrs Overall’s personal reflections on the 7th Sept Finance meeting, Anston & Woodsetts Parish Council:

Bowling Club grass cutting
True to form again, odd references, Cllr St.John when speaking about the Bowling Club had to make reference to Eric Pickles weight “Eric Pickles might be an expert at Weight Watchers.”
Question – What has this to do with Anston Bowling Green
Answer Bugger All

Ward Maps
Suddenly they all want one but – hey ho – they do not want to pay £10 each
Question – Why should parishioner pay £150 for maps.
Answer Don’t they know there is one on the Parish Hall wall

Web Casting
WHAT! Show people what you are really like councillors – BRING IT ON – Show the world – pleeeeeeez

Bowling Club again
Chairman Cllr John Ireland – again, who just happens to be Vice Chairman of the Club – asked a member of the public to contribute to the discussion.
Question – WHY – When it is a strict rule that members of the public cannot speak
Answer – Cronyism – friend and bowling club member!

Councillors resignation
Cllr Beck did well to tell each parish councillors they would do well to look at their own conduct.
Question – What do we think
Answer – About Time – Did the resigning councillor mislead the Standards Board?

Robin Stonebridge, Councillors resignation (again)
He finds bullying unacceptable – WHAT A HOOT
Question – Does this apply to ALL?

Old Library: Still vacant
The Parish Council want to spend mega bucks to convert this to offices for itself
Question – Do they really need more offices
Answer NO – the ones they have are rarely manned

Points of order
Question: When is a Point of Order not a Point of Order at Anston Parish Council meetings
Answer: When Cllr Thornton stands up
Question: Why does Cllr St.John interrupt freely
Why does Cllr St.John feel exempt from standing for his Point of Order
Answer: Because Cllr Dalton (Chair) lets him
Question: Why does Cllr St.John fail to quote the rule he is making a Point of Order on
Answer: Because Cllr Dalton (Chair) lets him
Queston: Why later in a meeting did he stand for his Point of Order then promptly sit down
Answer: Because he is used to being in pantomime – bobbing up and down like this!

Question: Why does Cllr Dalton (Chair) feel it necessary to stand to override Cllr Thornton’s Point of
Answer: Because she can’t answer his question?

BMX Track – For this long running saga see Advertiser- Article & letters page
Done correctly in the first place? Then why are we paying another £200 to get it inspected AGAIN
Question: Only 2 complaints?
Answer: Tell that to the marines.

Budget Working Party
Suggestion made to include–some members of the public onto the Budget Working Party
Cllr Ireland (Chair), The public won’t have the ability
Question: Do you feel affronted
Answer: Well I do (Should we ask John for his accountancy qualifications?)

Goodnight all
Mrs Overall

maltbyblogger says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
October 15, 2011 at 7:36 pm
Thanks for the report, Mrs Overall. Very like my own parish council in many ways, but without the “quality” label !
Ward maps – now that’s an interesting one. Wonder if MTC have one ? There’s certainly some confusion as to who would best represent Maltby or Hellaby and where the boundaries are.

(If rothpol decides to ignore this comment , it can be found on maltbyblogger)

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