“The time has come,” the walrus said, “to talk of many things …”

The Maltby News continues to publish so called reports from a group calling itself Maltby Forum which has been shown to have no credibility – honestly, morally or ethically. The Rotherham Advertiser also now  publishes the same reports and letters from  people who think that they are the  voice of the community yet are not elected by those they purport to represent and who castigate those who are.

Any member of the public reading these things would, naturally, assume that what is written is factual, credible and honest. Much of what is written is none of these.

Maltby Forum is a group that has repeatedly refused to provide details of it’s membership  and it’s constitution.The only ‘information’ that they have provided has numerous irregularities and is out of date. ‘Representatives’ of Maltby Forum have libelled Maltby residents in the Maltby News paper and constantly deride the town council.

Since attending a meeting of Maltby Forum in September 2010, I have repeatedly asked for a copy of Maltby Forum’s Constitution and for details of their committee and contact details. My request for information by telephone resulted in Mrs Alice Rodgers telling me that she did not know anything about the committee and telling me not to contact her. Emails to “The Secretariat” have only resulted in me being supplied with the incorrect information from Mr Ian Cruddas that the AGM would be held in March.

Following the meeting held on Saturday 29th January 2011, I have a copy of the following,

a)  ‘Minutes of an Open Public Meeting held at The Wesley Centre, Blyth Rd, Maltby at 10am on Sauturday 28th September 2010 (supplemental to report published in October 2010) ‘

b) ‘Maltby Forum Annual General Meeting Saturday 29th January 2011, AGENDA ‘ ‘(Document prepared by Maltby Forum Management Committee January 2011) ‘

c) ‘Constitution of Maltby Forum Adopted on the 19th day of March 2005’

According to document

a) the “Forum Management Committee” are Ken Pickering, Alice Rodgers and Les Machon, Ian Cruddas being Forum Secretariat.

Document b) states at Item 3 that on 19th March 2005 a constitution was adopted and signed by John Kirk as Chair and Russ Howes as Treasurer.

Document c) is signed ‘John Kirk (Chair)’ and ‘Russ Howes  (Treasurer)’

The printed word ‘Secretary’ is scored through by hand and hand printed ‘Treasurer’

There is no information on the election of a management committee at this time or at any time up to the present.

The constitution states that “The committee shall consist of Not less than 6 and not more than 15 members…”

There is no information of an AGM in 2006 or 2007.

The constitution states that ‘Membership shall be open to all individuals who live or work in the area of benefit’ and that ‘Every member shall have one vote’ yet there is no record of any voting that has taken place since the adoption of the constitution. None of the points at Section 8 Management Committee, of the constitution appear to have been adhered to. 

Apparently at an AGM on Saturday 7th June 2008, ‘Duplicated reports on Forum activity and on the work of the management committee were circulated and accepted. Additional volunteers K and C Stringer and L Laird offered to join the Management Committee’ but there is no mention of whether they were elected to join the committee or of anyone else who had been elected to the committee.

On Saturday 14th March 2009, ‘AGM postponed by MFMC in view of time taken by Academy presentations’

On Saturday 30th January 2010, there was ‘No AGM (Meeting not quorate) ‘

Document b) Item 3b, 3c, 3d, states that ‘following recent discussions, the Management Committee has concluded that it would be useful for the committee to undertake a thorough review of the Forum’s Constitution in order to prepare detailed recommendations for the consideration of a future Annual General Meeting’

In the light of what appears to be the mis-operation of the Forum since it’s beginning in 2005,  it would be highly irregular for any persons to undertake the discussion of the future of Maltby Forum as suggested. It would also be irregular for any of these seemingly self appointed people to continue to hold meetings from which they ‘report’ an assumed concensus of opinion from Maltby residents.

Unfortunately for Maltby, the irregularities continue – the latest meeting on 22nd October being reported in both newspapers by the same people who allegedly know nothing about the group.  I understand from the present “chairman” that minutes of this latest meeting should be available to the  public ” straight away or sooner … ” but certainly some time this week. Wonder who claims to be the Management Committee  this time.

Can’t wait.

post script : Rotherham Politics  continues to selectively delete comments from those who have added to general debate in the past and spoken the truth which is unpalatable to some. maltbyblogger will continue to report Maltby news openly and honestly.





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