“Councillors bid to crack down on anti-social behaviour”‏

Regarding the front page headline of Dinnington Guardian, Fri 4th November,
“Maltby: ‘Booze Free Zone’ “.
The story on page 2 headlined “Council wants Maltby booze ban” has a less than flattering photo of Bullseye and the boarded up shop on the opposite corner and goes on to report that Rotherham councillors have agreed to introduce a Designated Public Place Order in Maltby.


It states that
“Maltby town councillor Keith Stringer welcomed an introduction of a DPPO order in the town” and that the report will go before the licensing board for consideration on Wednesday 16th November.
In the light of this, I have the following questions :
Has this been discussed with Maltby Town Council and if so when ?
Which areas or land have been identified as being affected and by whom ?
If the board agree to introduce a DPPO how would the statutory consultation be implemented ?
If Maltby Town Council is paying Maltby News to report MTC issues, why is an item of such importance as this not reported in it but only reported in The Dinnington Guardian, a paid for newspaper?

Now then, who would like to be the first to give an answer … MTC Councillor K Stringer ? MTC Councillors and RMBC Councillors A Rushton, C Beaumont J Andrews ? Kevin Hall and Maltby News ? or A N Other ?
(all responses treated with the strictest of confidence… )

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