“Season’s Greetings” – from the ” Maltby Labour Team”

Had a Christmas card posted through my door the other day, from “Maltby Labour Team” – snowman on the front, 2012 calendar on the back and inside details of my local team, Amy Rushforth, Christine Beaumont and Maggie Godfrey..
So I emailed Maggie Godfrey and asked her who she was and why she is standing to represent Maltby
(remember – Chair of Maltby Town Council is apparently not good enough to stand as an RMBC representative for Maltby, yet newly elected MTC Cllr Lauren Astbury is the candidate for Hellaby … hoping to join MTC Cllr Jenny Andrews as RMBC candidate for Hellaby … yeah I know, it’s confusing )
Here for your perusal is Maggie Godfrey’s reply, received today :
Thank you for contacting me. I will be standing for election in May because I feel I now have the time and energy to devote to becoming a councillor and doing the best job I can for the people of Maltby.

I have been a life long member of the Labour Party and been part of many campaigns to achieve better local services and get a fair deal for local communities. During my working life I was a town planner and am passionate about improving our towns and the environment. Now I am retired I am a magistrate at Rotherham Court, and do volunttray work with both offenders and victims of crime.

I do not live in Maltby but in nearby Wickersley. However, I have been working with the 2 Maltby councillors for the last 2 and a half years and feel I have a good understanding of the main issues facing residents. I am also calling on local people to ask them about their main priorities for public services. In this way I can ensure that I fully represent the Maltby community if I am elected next May.

As a councillor, I would work tirelessly on behalf of the people of Maltby to try to get the best services at this difficult time when public funding is being severely squeezed. I work well with Councillors Rushforth and Beaumont and think we will make a strong team to champion the needs of local people.

I hope this gives you a little flavour of who I am and why I am standing for election next May. There will be literature delivered to all residents of Maltby ward over the next few months to tell you more about myself and Labour’s policies and proposals . In the meantime if you would like to talk to me then please get in touch on 01709 549831.

Maggie Godfrey

Leaving it to be digested before I post my response.
Glad tidings ? Hmm…

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