Explaining the Labour selection process – from a candidate’s point of view …

As promised, my response to Maggie Godffrey (RMBC’s Labour candidate to represent Maltby) and for your interest, her reply just received :
“Dear Maggie Godfrey,

Thankyou for your reply.

I have no reason to doubt that if you were elected you would devote your time and energy to being a councillor, but what I do not understand is, why Maltby – as opposed to Hellaby or even Wickersley where you live ?

I am sure that you are aware that on Maltby Town Council there is Labour councillor Jenny Andrews, who now represents Hellaby on RMBC, and Lauren Astbury, who is the candidate for Hellaby Ward in 2012.

Could you please explain the reasoning behind this ?

I also have no reason to doubt that you have been working well with Cllrs Rushforth and Beaumont, yet you have not been to a Maltby Town Council meeting that I am aware of. I would have thought that this would be the first port of call for a prospective councillor. As I understand, Cllr Jon Carratt, Chair of MTC was not even accepted as an applicant to be a Labour candidate for Maltby.
This is all very puzzling to me and others in the Maltby Community.

I look forward to your explanation of these matters before the delivery of further Labour ‘literature’. ”

And the reply :
I decided to stand for Maltby as I consider it is a community with many needs where I can best make a difference. The local Labour Party members choose the candidates
to represent their ward and, in this case they decided that I was the person that they favoured. It does not always follow that candidates are selected for the ward in which they live and are still able to do a good job in representing local residents. The role of a Rotherham MBC councillor is also wider than just the local communiity and each councillor has a responsibility for the whole of Rotherham and its residents.

You ask why Jon Carratt was not accepted as a candidate to stand in the Borough Council elections. That is a matter decided by the wider Labour Party through an interview process conducted by a panel which includes members outside of Rotherham . I cannot answer why Mr Carratt was not accepted as a candidate in this instance but would stress that it is Labour Party policy for all candidates to be subject to a rigorous process to ensure they fully understand the roles and responsibilities of being a Borough Councillor.

I am providing you with this information to assist you in understanding the selection process which takes account of a number of considerations, not just the residency of the candidate.


Maggie Godfrey ”

Perhaps this is a version of the standard Labour party’s reply to questions from the public.
Perhaps it is felt that my questions have been answered satisfactorily.
I don’t think so – not least the question of the lack of interaction with the community of Maltby and the serving councillors at Maltby Town Council.

Hopefully, more ‘answers’ to come soon.

( RMBC’s website info on this candidate)

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