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My comments to are still left unmoderated and unpublished. I could not let the pantomime season go by however, without passing on the latest bit of ‘entertainment’ from rothpol/Rik and The Team posted today.

Enjoy !

“I know it’s difficult to believe, but Rotherham Politics understands that this blog was compared unfavourably to Pinocchio, by parish councillor Robin Stonebridge.

This blog stands accused of deliberately publishing untruths, by Robin Stonebridge. In the vernacular, Rotherham Politics was just lies!

Rotherham Politics does not always get it right. When we realise that a mistake has been made, a correction is issued and an apology given, if appropriate. Several such examples may be found on our pages, the most recent being a story involving Michael Dugher MP that was picked up from twitter.

Robin Stonebridge, or anyone else who feels aggrieved, is welcome to contact us if they think we have published inaccuracies, Email Rothpol here and we will consider any points made.

To those we merely irritate by our coverage, I recommend that you get used to it, because this is part of what democracy looks like in the 21st Century. If you do it in the ‘name of the people’, you can expect the kind of scrutiny that Rotherham Politics provides.

For the record, Robin Stonebridge, has yet to contact us asking for any corrections. Silence speaks volumes, despite his accusations. ”

And the comments …

3 Responses to Rotherham Politics compared unfavourably with Pinocchio

  1. trambuster says:

    A nation awaits the repudiations, renouncements, disclaimers, rebuttals and rejections of this great politician.

    Or should we expect the classic and eloquent RMBC style of response i.e. “It’s not fairrrrrrrr, it’s not fairrrrrrrr, it’s not fairrrrrrrr They’e found me out again. It’s not fairrrrrrrr” Stamp stamp stamp!!!

  2. The “latest” mistake….how many do you make? How many have you made about Robin?

  3. rothpol says:

    Community Champion, began to think you had forsaken us, nice to see you back!

    We are all human at Rotherham Politics and therefore fallible! Didn’t think you were familiar with the far south of the borough?

    You are welcome to your opinion but so are we.

  4. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    ” Rotherham Politics does not always get it right.”
    Ha, Ha, Ha ! That’s one of the best jokes of the pantomime season – certainly the understatement of 2011. Community Champion , not sure whether it is fortunate or otherwise that you are sometimes allowed to comment on
    Happy Christmas and best wishes to all who stand up and speak out for the truth. Here’s hoping there will be more in 2012. ”

    Please feel free to circulate.


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