When is a Labour meeting not a meeting … ?

Two weeks into the new year, so I have written to Maggie Godfrey (prospective Labour Councillor for Maltby, from Wickersley) Hope she can elaborate a bit on how she intends to interact and work with us in the community. She hasn’t yet been to a Maltby Town Council meeting, but she has been meeting with her ‘colleagues’ Cllr Amy Rushforth and Cllr Chris Beaumont in the Edward Dunn building. Hmm…
Dear Maggie Godfrey,
Thankyou for your reply with ” information to assist in understanding the selection process which takes account of a number of considerations, not just the residency of the candidate.”
I am sure that the selection process takes account of a number of considerations. It is these considerations that I am hoping to get an explanation about. Would you please give me the contact details for someone in the Labour Party who can elaborate on this ?
Also, you did not explain why you do not think it necessary for you to attend Maltby Town Council meetings. As I have said, most people would think that this would be the best place to get to know the community and it’s issues. Can you tell me how you intend to interact with Maltby residents if you are elected ?

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