Chris Read – “not so newly elected” Cllr for Wickersley… on Twitter

Having come across Chris Read’s recent tweets via rt’s (retweets from other Twitterers for the uninitiated) I am currently having an interesting repartee with the counciller for Wickersley. He says he doesn’t intend to discuss on Twitter so don’t know why he’s on there unless maybe for pure entertainment.
However, I have established that this is the Christ Read who when he was a candidate for election for the Wickersley ward lived in Swinton,Mexborough but omitted to tell the registery (or they omitted to report it). At the time he worked in York with York Labour Group,  did not have his own transport and didn’t drive. Some wondered how he was going to manage his duties as a counciller in Wickersley and some why he was standing for Wickersley in such circumstances. Others wonderd if he wouldn’t have been better off standing in York !
Anyway, I am informed that Chris Read now lives in Bramley and holds surgeries at Wickersley with Cllr Sue I Used To Be Labour Then Was Independant Then Labour Again Ellis.
Chris Read now only works part time at York and he doesn`t think it`s anyone`s business but his own how he travels to work. Perhaps not if the practicalities , logic and expenses aren’t taken into consideration and being a Labour party member this is pro ably the case.
Watch out for further posts on similarities between Labour candidates selection for Maltby and Hellaby … …


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