It’s April 1st – but this is no joke !

Will The Labour Party in Maltby/Hellaby/Rotherham ever work out who they are, what they think, what they believe in and who they represent ?
Since the last election where there was a new ‘intake’ of councillors I maybe naievely, thought that things within Maltby and Maltby Town Council would change for the better. I know I wasn’t alone in thinking this. But how long can we keep up hope for this sorry shower of people that I am loathe to call a ‘group’ because there is little if any teamwork.
Some of the intake were properly elected, some were uncontested and one was co-opted.
Less than a year on it is plain to see who is involved in doing their best for the people of Maltby and who is aiming to please The Labour Party – or themselves.
Recent information shows that there are more unethical and dishonest ‘snakes in the grass’ than were previously thought – by the public and by the Labour Party themselves.
At least one serving councillor in Maltby has said that he is leaving the Labour Party and forming a community group which will be “against the establishment”. What “the establishment” is, is yet to be verified.
With the re- building of Maltby Academy, the opening of the refurbished Queens Hotel and The Queen ‘s Jubilee Gala being prepared for, there is plenty of opportunity for those who would like their name to go down in history.
If only this happened for the benefit of the community and not for the point scoring that continues to take place.
Wake up Maltby ! It might already be too late.


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  1. maggie tuxford says:

    who is the labour party member who is leaving to form a new group?

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