Citizens against the Establishment !

Update on Maltby Town Councillor who is intending to leave the council and also The Labour Party. The cllr in question is “in talks with cross party activists who want a better community, business men (one who is a staunch Tory) Independants, trade unionists, political activists, Labour members and lifelong socialists, ordinary non political residents … …”
Seems this cllr is very busy talking – so busy that he won’t be able to attend this week’s council meeting in fact.
He directs me to Maurice Glasman & the London Citizens for me to understand “where he is coming from”.
For those of us uneducated in the philosophies of life long Labour Peers in the House of Lords, Glasman (Baron Glasman since Feb 2011) coined the term Blue Labour defined by him as a small conservatism form of socialism.
Our Maltby cllr tells me that they “want to start a non political group-quite different from MTC- encompassing plurality along the lines of Bevans Tredegar’s Council of Action which was copied all over Yorkshire during the Miner’s strike…only this time it will be to defend our community fron the cuts, promoting reciprocacy, mutualism ans community co operation without political boundaries or bias”.
Do you understand where he’s coming from now ?
I think I might do.
It would be the decent thing to resign from MTC of course, especially as he was put forward by Labour in an uncontested ward.
But there again, I haven’t seen much decency going on in Labour or the town council in Maltby for a
long time.
Wonder if Uk Citizens can do any

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