Candidates for election 2012

Here for your perusal is the list of candidates for Maltby and Hellaby wards elections on May 3rd.

Maltby Blair Will British National Party
Maltby Conlon Michael Independent
Maltby Godfrey Maggie Labour Party Candidate
Maltby Price Richard The Conservative Party Candidate

Any surprises here ? Never heard of Richard Price – he’s certainly never been to an MTC meeting so can’t have much ides of what goes on.

Maggie Godfrey – well we know all about this one … (see past posts on Maltbyblogger)“““““““““““““““““““““““““““““`

Michael Conlon  – hmm. Is this the Michael Conlon who verbally abuses people on places like Facebook if they have a different opinion to him ? The Michael Conlon who is very friendly with  EX Cllr Andrew Searson who has resigned from Maltby Town Council (but not the Labour Party) to continue his activist work and fight local issues whilst avoiding  a conflict of interest with a place on MTC.?

Will Blair –  nice, friendly, kind man who seems to have the interests of Maltby at heart. But come on Will. Four years on from the infamous Gunning / Blair interview, and my views on the BNP are still the same. Certainly am in a predicament on how to vote ! 

Hellaby Astbury Lauren Labour Party Candidate
Hellaby Fairfax Douglas UK Independence Party (UK IP)
Hellaby Turner John The Conservative Party Candidate

So, Lauren Astbury,  as with Ms Godfrey, plenty already said on here about that.

John Turner. Thought he’d retired 5 years ago. Maybe he is continuing working until a very old age in case his party puts the pension age up to 90 

And, Douglas Fairfax for UKIP.

Poor Hellaby. Not a lot going for them either. Perhaps Mr Fairfax could breathe new air into the situation. Is there time to change address before May 3rd ?


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