Manifestos for Maltby and Hellaby – only 1 week to go

A week from today is our opportunity to vote in our “representatives” in the Rotherham Borough Council Elections.
And what a choice the people of Maltby have ! It will be difficult to decide who to vote for, especially as Rotherham Loony Party doesn’t have a candidate in Maltby or Hellaby wards.
Maggie Godfrey’s leaflet has been delivered (funnily enough by someone who lives in Maltby) and Will Blair’s “I might be BNP but I am not a racist as I have many friends in the ethic minority” literature has also landed in my postbox. Michael Conlon has delivered his leaflet personally for which due credit is given. Michael’s manifesto only tells me how bad Labour is and that he has recently helped raise funds for a community hall. Oh , and he is now ‘campaigning’ against the demolition of the clock tower frontage of Maltby Comp – now Maltby Academy.
Michael has kindly posted a leaflet regarding this with his own election literature. Maltby Blogger understands that newly ex- Maltby Town Cllr Andrew Searson is one of the campaigners in this new action group – along with Cllr J Bradford and a number of her family & friends (see Rotherham Advertiser) Cllr Amy Rushforth of MTC and Labour stalwart is a governor at Maltby Academy so it will be interesting to see how this pans out… conflicts of interest and all that. Other Labour party followers are well versed in the ‘reasoning’ behind demolishing the frontage along with Maltby Academy LTD ! (more of schools as limited companies later)
Not seen MTC’s Cllr Lauren Astbury’s literature yet – but of course why would I ? She is Hellaby ward’s candidate, though a large portion of Maltby is in fact Hellaby ward. Confused ? You will continue to be if the Labour party has their way.
Nothing from Conservative candidates, but that’s nothing new – and no news is good news as they say.

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