Election Day, 3rd May 2012

Today’s the day and I duly went to the polling station and registered my vote. I have not  however, found any positive reasons to vote for any of the  candidates and so my vote will be recorded as “spoiled”.
Looking forward to seeing how the elected candidate will be an asset to the Maltby community.
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After receiving a response to  “Day Before The Elections” https://maltbyblogger.wordpress.com/2012/05/02/day-before-local-elections/    
 from Richard Price, yesterday and a further reply today, I think it’s only right and fair that I post Richard’s comments here.
Thankyou, Richard for taking the time to respond with your honest comments. I am sure that there are many people in Maltby who will welcome your co operation with them in the future regardless of the outcome of today’s election. 
MaltbyBlogger looks forward to your input to this blog, to the community and to your efforts to unite the people of Maltby in a common aim.
Richard Price says:

Hi MaltbyBlogger,

Thankyou for the rapid reply. I have read your reply thoroughly and took it into great consideration. First and foremost I pride myself on being a honest and open individual who will push my moral responsibility forward and not try to get tied down beurocratic party politics therfore after evaluating on your comments i can offer no exscuse. You are entireley correct; I could have done more and should have done more. Whilst there was no allocated funding for the Maltby ward you are making a valid point in saying i could of grabbed the initiave and photocopied som a4/a5 shetts with some sort of description and manifesto. I have been to some MTC meetings but being completeley honest these were a while ago and not so recently. I did write to maltby news and the Dinnington/Maltby Guardian in which both pieces I mapped out briefly on who I am and who I stand for and what I intend to do. But I will say this is not quite good enough. Really though summarising what I am trying to say is that your quite right, I didn’t do enough when I should have, I will not defend myself with exscuses as that’s just not me. And most likley I will be too rightly defeated at the polls today, But I will make this point; I am not a self serving individual, I down right hate like you mentioned parties toeing the same line, my ambition is to be a true ambassador for the electorate and this might not happen today but I will start to do what i can to help the interests of the people. I myself am not a island, to do this I want to co-operate with people from all diffrent political walks. I therfore invite you MaltbyBlogger to a un-biased and independent advisor and critic towards me. I repect your work and will still keep being a interested follower.

Richard Price.

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