After the Election …

… and there we have it. Exactly as expected and now Maltby is left to pick up the pieces of another farce of an election.

We now have 3 female Labour representatives for Maltby on Rotherham Borough Council – and of course a second female, Labour, Maltby Town Councillor representing Hellaby.

It’s not that I am against female councillors, though I am sure some will suggest that. Rather that Labour has become very predictable in their “choice” of representatives. (Still can’t understand how John Carratt, elected Chair of Maltby Town Council was not the right candidate to represent Maltby at RMBC level )

Maggie Godfrey’s letter in The Advertiser on election day which stated that  ‘It was particularly satisfying to beat the BNP. The independent received more votes than he deserved due to his campaign against proposed demolition of the Maltby Academy frontage building in which all sorts of false allegations were made against Maltby Labour Party. But we defeated him in the end’ shows how completely out of touch with the Maltby community she is. Labour’s attitude of defeating others in the battle to keep power has long since become bad practice. Shouldn’t it be about uniting people in belief and vision for the community’s benefit instead of trying to drag down the opponents ?

Maltby Town Council has a vacancy since Andrew Searson resigned a few weeks ago to better his “cause”, whatever that may be. MaltbyBlogger hasn’t heard if anyone is standing for this position, but has a feeling that someone will be co-opted onto the council. Can’t wait to see who this will be and if Cllr Carratt will keep his chairmanship for another year… …

Find out at Maltby Town Council meeting and AGM, this Thursday 6.30pm at the Edward Dunn Building, Tickhill Road, Maltby

See you there ?

For those of us who have only just found out that Hellaby has it’s own Parish Council, see



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