Maltby Town Council – Annual meeting Thurs 10 May 2012

Neither the Chairman, Cllr J Carratt nor the Vice-chair Cllr K Duckmanton were in attendance so – adhering to Standing Order 1P – Cllr J Andrews was elected Chair, for this meeting only.
In his abscence it was resolved that Cllr J Carratt be elected for the ensuing council year. It was also resolved that as the Chairman would be late due to work commitments and in accordance with Standing Order 1E that Cllr Carratt can deliver his acceptance speech before the next meeting of the council.
In the absence of the Vice-chair due to illness, it was resolved that Cllr Chris Beaumont be elected as Vice Chair for the ensuing council year. She duly signed her acceptance of office and chaired the meeting from this point.
The ‘casual vacancy’ on the council, due to the rather abrupt resignation of Andrew Searson just before the elections on May 6, was discussed. Cllr Carol Stringer suggested that a lady who was one of the 5 members of the public in
attendance be co opted. This lady has not been seen at an MTC meeting in the last 12 or more months and remains un- named.
Fortunately, after dispute from the public and other councillors, it was resolved that the vacancy be announced on council noticeboards and in Maltby News with a closing date of 31st May and to be discussed at meeting on 6th June. Whether the general public will receive or see a copy of this before the closing date is anyone’s guess.
As usual the councils view of ‘widely advertised’ is different to many others.
Cllr J Carratt made it to the last 10 minutes or so of the meeting, but did not sign his acceptance of chair. Neither did he show any response to his election in his absence … suprise or otherwise.
Coming next … further anomalies from the tragedy that is Maltby Town Council.

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2 Responses to Maltby Town Council – Annual meeting Thurs 10 May 2012

  1. D. Chambers says:

    Abolish political parties in town councils!

  2. Well said, Mr Chambers , or in MTC’s case abolish the town council too and start afresh !

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