Maltby resident speaks out – well done Mr Fleming !

An excellent letter from Maltby resident David Fleming 

Candidate foisted on us


Sir– I would like to reply to Zeb Khaliq’s letter (see Advertiser May 18). He says he found Will Blair obnoxious and also the BNP obnoxious.

hat I find obnoxious is the way the local Labour Party foisted on us a candidate who does not even live in Maltby and knows nothing about our town. only what she has been told by the other Maltby councillors.

Does Zeb Khaliq find other parties and candidates besides the BNP and Will Blair obnoxious as well?

The people of Maltby voted Labour mostly because it is a Labour stonghold but there were members of Maltby Town Council, who were refused the right to stand for the Rotherham Borough Council seat just because someone on the selection panel saw fit to place someone from outside the town in their place.

He also calls some of the new councillors opportunist, so we assume that those already on were ready-made councillors to start with.

The Labour party only won so many seats because of the mess the last Labour government made and for the record I am independant, whom does he suggest will clean up the mess? Red Ed? I do not think so, I would like him to tell us who he thinks is capable of doing so.

David Fleming, Devonshire Road, Maltby.

Let’s hope for more letters like this telling the real situation in Maltby’s political situation.

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