It didn’t click with maltbyblogger earlier, but have realised that the usual day of MTC’s meetings – Thursday – this week crops up in the timeline of Maltby Academy’s  Project Timeline for the new build.

Feasibility Stage – completed 4th November 2011

Procurement Stage – Preliminary Invitation to Tender stage – completed 21stNovember 2011

ITT Stage – Invitation to Tender – completed 10th February 2012

FITT Stage – Final Invitation to Tender – completed 9th March 2012

Selected Panel Member (Contractor) appointed – 16th March 2012

Community Engagement Event – 26th March 2012 – 4.00pm – 7.00pm (Hall)

Planning Application Submitted – 5th April 2012

Planning Board Decision – 7th June 2012

Contracts Signed – 15th June 2012

Start on Site – 25th June 2012

If the reason for the meeting change is because of the Planning Board Decision scheduled for 7th June… then I think we ought to be told about it.


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2 Responses to Is this the reason for Maltby Town Council’s meeting day changed ?

  1. D. Chambers says:

    At the meeting of the council Maggie Godfrey claimed that the planning board had called a public hearing on the plans for the school. If this is the case the decision wont be given until after that hearing, however Mrs Godfrey was also unaware that the public consultation period for the school plans was long over and seemed completely out of touch with the entire academy debate, as well as Maltby in general. There was nothing about a public hearing on the online planning portal, nor have i seen anything advertised in the local papers so i suppose we will have to contact the planning dept ourselves to establish the facts.

  2. … and hope that the planning department will tell us some facts !

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