Maltby Blogger under the control of the clerk of Maltby Town Council ?

With 61 views on one post on this blog today alone,  it is only fair and proper that maltbyblogger informs the viewers of the latest ‘news’ from Maltby Town Council.

Letter to Clerk of Maltby Town Council in response to information request from them :

Dear Ann Stewart, Clerk and RFO and MALTBY TOWN COUNCIL,

In response to your email of  Wed, 6 Jun 2012 14:04:05 please send me a                 copy of the minute of 19th April showing the meeting date change. In reply to your questions

1. I received the information “on the grapevine”

2. It is not the role of MTC or it’s clerk to ask me whether I have received permission from anyone for anything.

I do not need to request information from MTC under the Freedom of Information Act or any other act or council rule to write a blog, a letter or a book as I choose.

I am a member of the public and electorate,  not a councillor and am therefore accountable only to myself.

As a gesture of goodwill I have amended my blog post, which can be found here


The following reply has been received :

F192/11                STAFFING MATTERS

The Assistant Clerk is still on sick leave.

The Clerk has a family wedding on 7th June, which is a Town Council meeting day.

Performance management and appraisal training available via Peninsula

RESOLVED: that the Town Council meeting be moved to 6th June instead of the 7th June 2012.

Well, if they had only said that in the first place … … …  !

(Here is a link but you won’t find any up to date info on it)


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