More Questions Than Answers at Latest Maltby Town Council Farce

Well, would you believe it ?

After the letter from Maltby Town Council – with Richard Waller cc’d into it – requesting maltbyblogger to remove information from this blog, no one was co opted onto MTC at the meeting on Wednesday. Yes you did read that right – NO ONE was co opted and the 6 applicants for the “casual” councillor vacancy are going to be asked to do a 5 minute talk about themselves to the town council now. “Probably” at the next meeting , but who’s to know and will the 6 be happy with this and if they aren’t does it matter ? 

It was on the Agenda for a co option to take place, so why did it not ? Was it because there was only half the council attending and if this was the reason why wasn’t this acknowledged and minuted ? What is the point of an Agenda if the points are not adhered to ?

Has MTC’s Labour element’s plan to ensure the vacancy is filled by another Labour Party puppet gone awry ?

Would have thought that the applicants would at least attend this important meeting but, like councillor like would-be councillor most of them didn’t bother turning up. The Chairman John Carratt did turn up but was overruled by the Vice – Chair Christine Beaumont. Especially on the agenda point that she had asked for regarding public participation. If Cllr Christine Beaumont decides that members of the public will ask one question only, then so be it.


The few members of the public that were brave enough to attend this shambolic event were treated with scorn by certain councillors. Cllrs Stringer and Rushforth in their usual  condescending manner and newly elected Cllr Maggie Godfrey (representing Maltby on RMBC yet  unaware of the schools in Maltby scenarios) also appears to be well trained in these lowly manners.

It is clearly completely unethical to run a council in this way. How much longer are the people of Maltby going to stand for this farce ?

The clerk was at a family wedding on Thursday and the assistant clerk is on long term sickness leave. No one was available to answer phones or emails. Friday the office was closed. 

Looking forward to Monday morning to see what explanations about all this will be given to the electorate. Not holding my breath.




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3 Responses to More Questions Than Answers at Latest Maltby Town Council Farce

  1. What exactly have MTC got to hide that they try to stop this blog from becoming public knowledge and why is it christine beaumont wishes to restrict members of the public to one question per meeting, Maltby people put you. And the others where you are now you should show some respect for the people who voted for you

  2. D. Chambers says:

    I was in attendance at this meeting for the period allotted to questions from members of the public. Far from allowing for any constructive dialogue between the public and the council, the council seem determined to stifle any queries with the rigid ‘one question per person’ rule, even to the extent that a person asking a question isnt allowed to clarify or add context to his concerns should a satisfactory answer not be forthcoming. In response to a question about the demolition of the grammar school one councillor said that the council had little power and that ‘RMBC could paint the school sky blue pink if they wanted to, and there was nothing the council could do about it’ . This attitude seems to justify my opinion that Labour dominated MTC is, as it stands, a pointless local extension of RMBC, a mere talking shop for the Maltby labour party which provides members with the opportunity to rehearse the party script as they pursue their true goal of paid council work in Rotherham, regardless of the interests of the Maltby electorate they should strive to represent.

  3. Thankyou for your comments and your insightful descriptions of Maltby Town Council’s antics.
    Can’t wait to see what Mr Richard Waller has to say, if anything about the whole situation.

    68 views of this post yesterday and 34 up to press today, and only 2 comments.
    Speaks for itself.

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