NEWS JUST IN … planning board re Maltby Academy

    • Matthew Temperton, case officer on Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council’s planning board says that there will be a further planning board meeting on 28th June 2012 regarding the proposals for the demolition / building at Maltby Academy.

      Maltby Blogger understands that this is not a public hearing as such and the public will get 3 minutes to state their points. (not sure if this is 3 minutes per person or 3 minutes collectively )  The council will then make their decision after this, presumably in their own good time.

      Mr Temperton would not confirm the discovery of bats in the academy buildings.

      There were over 50 objections still left on RMBC’s planning portal when the last ‘consultation period’ ended. This is hardly likely to make any difference to anything but as we know RMBC like to be seen to be open and accountable.

      Still trawling RMBC’s website to find the minutes of the last meeting 7thJune. Will post if and when they emerge.Image

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