Record views on maltbyblogger

maltby blogger is not a statistics person. Maths was never my thing at school and still isn’t though the subject fascinates me and I would love to understand it better. But I do like a nice block graph or pie chart which  are usually easy enough to understand.

So here is a (not very clear) bar chart of the views on maltbyblogger over the past 2months.

The chart goes from 0 – 250 in 50s ie. yesterday June 11th shows 200 views



Now, either the couple of people who have left comments spend an inordinate amount of time viewing the page – which I doubt as they have more important things to do with their lives – or there are a lot of people viewing but not commenting.

So come on all you viewers. If you comment then you can not accuse maltbyblogger of being one sided or negative in these posts. If you don’t comment then we can not debate openly, honestly and fairly and find out others views and act on them.

After all, isn’t that what we all want for Maltby ?



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