What , no reply yet ?

Maltby Blogger has been a bit sidetracked with personal, not particularly Maltby related issues this last week so apologies to the reader for the lack of posts.

There has of course been a number of issues, which have not passed by my attention so firstly a repeat letter to  MTC …

Dear Ann Stewart (Clerk), Cllr J Carratt (Chair) and Maltby Town Council,

 Thankyou for you acknowledgement of my email of 7th June received on 12th June. 

No one has yet supplied me with the information I have asked for so would you please answer asap so that a Freedom of Information Request does not need to be made, incurring unnecessary time wastage.

I understand that the Clerk was absent on 7th June and that this was the reason for the monthly MTC meeting being held on Wednesday 6th. I further understand that no one was co opted onto the council as per the Agenda item. In the light of this please provide me with the draft minutes of this meeting of 6th June.

 Please inform me why an Agenda item was not carried through and which regulation allows this to happen.

Also please tell me as no one was answering phone calls or emails on Thurs 7th June and Fri 8th June, where it appears the office was closed, what provision does MTC have to prevent this apparent obstruction of information in the future ? 

Please also supply me with a copy of the Agenda for the meeting of MTC on Thursday 21st June.

Have cc’ed my MP The Rt Hon Kevin Barron in this time, along with Richard Waller, Standards committee, the leader of RMBC and the Chief Exec of RMBC so fingers crossed for an early reply.

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