Yet more ridiculous – Maltby Town Council’s meeting 21st June 2012

Just when maltbyblogger was thinking that the situation with Maltby Town Council couldn’t get any more ridiculous… of course it did, at yesterdays Finance  and Staffing meeting.

As we know, the Agenda for this meeting was actually posted on MTC’s website—Agenda.aspx which is a novelty in itself. 

According to the Agenda there would be “up to 30 minutes for questions from members of the public at the Chairman’s discretion”  The Chairman Cllr J Carratt was absent again so Vice-Chair Cllr Christine Beaumont “chaired the meeting” (maltbyblogger uses this phrase lightly)  and used her discretion to refuse to answer questions as there was only one member of the public who, luckily for MTC , didn’t have a question to ask. Attending councillors are not allowed to ask questions at this point either, apparently.

“Personal interest”  is now being declared by Cllr Peter Scholey and Cllr Christine Beaumont regarding discussions on Maltby Academy. This “interest” has just recently been declared after Cllr P Scholey, Clrr C Beaumont and Cllr Amy Rushforth have discussed items regarding Maltby Academy on numerous occasions before  (more on this in a future post)

At Agenda item 5 “confirm minutes” it was decided that no questions could be asked about the minutes at all. Any indiscrepancies – and there is more than one – could not be discussed. These minutes were then confirmed, presumably as  “a true and accurate record” … though how this can possibly happen is anyone’s guess.

This is the point where maltbyblogger almost loses the will to raise an eyebrow … …

If anyone  can make heads or tails of the recently added items to Maltby Town Council’s website and even match uip dates with actual meetings then this blog would be very grateful to know.

The person(s) who can do that deserve a medal.

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2 Responses to Yet more ridiculous – Maltby Town Council’s meeting 21st June 2012

  1. D. Chambers says:

    ‘It is always darkest before total darkness’ Chairman Mao

  2. Thanks for that cheering thought D Chambers.
    Here’s one from the late great Oscar – “There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.”

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