Newland Ave,Chadwick Dr, Braithwell Road – “Tarran Newland” houses. Who knows what’s happening here then ?

As a former council tenant of Newland Avenue, Maltby (now demolished) I’m more than a little interested in the intentions of RMBC regarding the land here 

(maltbyblogger’s regular reader will be aware of the silver birch  that stands there after being lovingly grown and tended for 17 years from a small cutting to a fine tree !)

There were originally 86 house on the estate. Now there are 4 left and a new build of 6 homes at the number 1 end of Newland Ave.We do not need at this point to go into the why’s and wherefore’s of the demolition carried out here. The comprehensive surveys and reports made in 2004 can be found here  and here

What is important to us now is the question of what is going to happen with the land now and in the future.

At the Local Development Framework 4 hour consultation stage, the Tarran Site was marked as an area to be first in line for building on. Quite rightly of course as it is obviously the most logical plan to build on land that has been used for residential properties for around 60 or more years. 

The worrying question though is – who really knows what the plans are or has RMBC planning department not made their mind up yet ?  

Mathew Temperton last week stated that there were no plans to do anything as yet, and Cllr Christine Beaumont, chairing the MTC meeting on Thursday states that when the last two remaining tenants have been re homed or whatever the land will go on the open market.

Fair enough comment – if it’s correct- but as the Rotherham Core Strategy June 2012 is be published, wouldn’t it be good if Rotherham Borough Councillors on Maltby Town Council had a better idea of what is happening ?

Best of luck with deciphering the Core Strategy and making any “representations” you feel valid.


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