Speak Up or Step Down Cllr J Carratt – Chair Maltby Town Council

To be Clerk to the Town Council is not easy.
To be Clerk to Maltby Town Council is one that is becoming intolerable.
Maltbyblogger has given MTC’s Clerk plenty of requests for information and clarification in the past, but it’s time that the elected Chair, Cllr Jon Carratt took responsibility for the role he has undertaken and answer properly to the electorate of Maltby.
Maltbyblogger has today sent the following letter to the Clerk and also to Cllr Carratt, the other town councillors, ‘The Leader’ of RMBC, Roger stone and the Rt Hon Kevin Barron MP.
“Thankyou for your response to my email by return.
I appreciate that you are doing your best under very difficult circumstances, and for this reason I would like you to know that in future I will be sending all queries and requests for information directly to The Chair, Cllr J Carratt and to his superiors.
The situation within Maltby Town Council has it seems become unmanageable with you, the Town Clerk taking the responsibilities and recriminations on a continuous basis, whilst certain councillors do and say whatever they feel like without any come back whatsoever.
This is completely unacceptable and I am sure is not in your job description. If it is in your job description then I would suggest that you refuse to continue to work in this manner, as a go-between certain councillors with each other and the public. 
In the light of this, would you kindly address my previous emails today to “The Chairman, Cllr J Carratt and Maltby Town Councillors” and remove your name from being the first recipient.
I will be sending this email directly to Cllr Carratt his superiors and the other councillors on MTC. 
Once again thankyou for your time. It is very much appreciated.
Yours sincerely, “
Have also asked Cllr Carratt to respond directly in the future instead of through the clerk.
Place your bets for how long it will take Cllr Carratt, Roger Stone, Richard Waller, Kevin Barron or any one else to respond – if at all.
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