Decision made on Coronation Park – anyone involved in the consultation ?

Apparently there has been a consultation on Bowling Green Budget Savings – Maltby’s consultation labelled as “internal”

Did anyone notice it or take part in the consultation, apart from that is Cllrs Amy Rushforth, Jenny Andrews and Judy Dalton ?

Consultation was carried out over a 13 week period starting 28th February 2011 in accordance with the Council’s standard consultation framework. The consultation included:-
– Letters to all Parish Councils and CISWO informing them of the
proposals and inviting them to comment
– Attendance at a number of meetings arranged by Clubs, Parish
Councils and others to discuss the proposals

Others ????

– Discussions with people with personal knowledge of bowling greens
and their use
– Press coverage
A summary of comments received is presented in Appendix 1. This also includes
Leisure and Green Spaces’ response and recommendations.

Tuesday, 21st June, 2011 10.00 a.m., The Former Cabinet Member for Culture, Lifestyle, Sport and Tourism from September 2010 to June, 2011

 Venue:   Town Hall, Moorgate Street, Rotherham. S60 2TH

Contact:    Email:

Meeting Attendance
Attendee Role Attendance
Councillor Amy Rushforth Chairman Present
Councillor Jenny Andrews Member Present
Councillor Judith Dalton Member Present
Debbie Bacon Secretary Expected
 Bowling Green Budget Savings- Post Consultation

The report outlines the results of consultation on proposals to withdraw maintenance
from selected bowling greens and seeks approval to implement proposals that have
been adjusted following analysis of the consultation

17 Rotherham Doubles
League (RDL)
Meeting Coronation Park has only one team.
Close a green at Coronation Park.
Noted Cease maintenance of one green at Coronation park.

RMBC Games Attendant Supervisor
Internal consultation
Only one green at Coronation park is used by bowlers.
Noted Close one green at Coronation Park

Full report can be found here

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