New Cllr Co opted onto Maltby Town Council

After a bit of a false start at a previous MTC meeting, last night Mr M J Richardson was co opted onto the council.

Unlike some of the applicants for the co option, Michael Richardson is born and bred in Maltby and resides within it’s boundary. Also unlike some of the other applicants Mr Richardson attends MTC meetings regularly and has done so for a long time, often being a lone representative of the public and attempting to put across the views of the public under some very adverse conditions.

maltby blogger, and many others, is very pleased that the voting went in his favour. There wasn’t a full cohort of councillors attending this meeting, so am sure there will have been a few not very happy at the outcome – and probably upset that their underhand tactics did not work for them in this instance.

Congratulations and good luck Cllr Richardson. Wishing you well in your duties of representing the people of Maltby. 

Think we can safely say “The Best Man Won”.


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2 Responses to New Cllr Co opted onto Maltby Town Council

  1. david flemingDavid Fleming says:

    The best man did win

  2. D.Chambers says:

    It is good to see someone who has who has been committed to the community and Maltby youth for many years, with no ulterior political motive or ambitions being co-opted onto Maltby Town Council. I have to say the other candidates came accross as very capable people too.

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