Standards and Code of Conduct – is Maltby Town Council exempt ?

maltbyblogger is at a loss to understand why the chair of Maltby Town Council, Cllr J Carratt has  failed to repond to correspondence sent on 26 Jun and 9th July.
Well, “needs must” as they say, so now a report is on it’s way to Local Government Minister Bob Neil, regarding the conduct of the Chair of Maltby Town Council, the Vice Chair and of other MTC  councillors regarding the Localism Act 2011.
The Chair of MTC  appears to have little if any understanding of the act at section 2 which states
Duty to promote and maintain high standards
Section 27 of the Act requires relevant authorities to promote and maintain high standards of conduct by members and co-opted members of the authority.”
If he does have  an understanding of this  then he is not putting it into practice nor ensuring that the Vice Chair (or stand-in Vice chair) and other councillors are doing so.
Here is a link for anyone who needs to familiarise themselves with the code of conduct  
Waiting to see if today’s mail will be acknowledged as requested and if concerns detailed in  email of 9th July will be responded to as a matter of urgency and surely before the next MTC meeting on Thursday 19th July.
If we held our breath whilst waiting for explanations from the Chair of Maltby Town Council there would be a lot of expired residents around.
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