Move over Maltby businesses – make way for Heron Foods

6 local businesses have been outed from their premises on  High Street, Maltby  to make way for a frozen food company.

Maltby Indoor Market, the building currently owned and let by the Full Life Church  is soon to become the home of Heron Foods, a “family owned food retailer based in the East Riding of Yorkshire”. 

Heron Foods currently operates from 170 outlets in the North and Midlands, with one on Laughton Rd, Dinnington. According to the planning application currently with RMBC there will be 2 full time and 4 part time staff at the new store but on enquiring about the vacancies have bee told

“We are in the very early stages of planning a store in Maltby so we aren’t at the stage of recruiting staff just yet. If you would like to send your CV to we can hold your details on file or you can keep checking the website for details of positions as they come up.

Kind regards,

Info @ Heron Foods”

It doesn’t seem as though the 6 Maltby businesses whose rental of premises has ceased at very short notice, will have an opportunity to be employed then. Maltby already has a good frozen food shop, Jack Fulton’s on the High Street and there are frozen food departments in Tesco, Co – op and the supermarket next door to the indoor market building as well as most, if not all corner shops.

Nowt like kicking a town when it’s down … … 

And what’s Maltby Town Council and Rotherham Borough Council doing about this ?

See next post … 

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