AGENDA – MTC 19th July 6.30

Agenda for MTC meeting tonight 

NOTE : The minutes of the meeting of July 5th have been requested but not received. These minutes are on Agenda Item 5. Whether copies will be available for the public to look at is anyone’s guess. It is possible that minutes will be passed without objections being noted, as in the past.

Maltby Town Council Agenda Thursday 19th July

Before the start of the meeting Matthew Hodgkinson give a short presentation about
the Community Spotlight Magazine S66
To allow up to 30 minutes for questions from members of the public at the Chairman’s
1. To receive apologies for absence.
2. To receive any declarations of personal or prejudicial interest.
3. To consider items for which a resolution may be passed to exclude the press
and public.
4. To discuss any communications received by the Chairman.
5. To confirm the minutes of the Town Council Meeting held on Thursday 5
th July 2012 (attached)
6. To receive the minutes from the Maltby Town Council Plan Steering Group held
on 17th May 2012 (attached)
7. To discuss the recommendations from the Amenities Steering Group Meeting
held on 9th July 2012 (attached)
8. To confirm the payments schedule for June 2012 (attached)
9. To confirm the receipts schedule for June 2012 (attached)
10.To confirm the bank reconciliation for June 2012 (attached)
11.To confirm the Income and Expenditure Budget up to June 2012 (attached)
12.To receive the outstanding invoices for June 2012 (attached)
13. To approve July 2012 payments (to be tabled)
Maltby Town Council Finance and Staffing Meeting
to be held at 6.30 pm, Thursday 19th July 2012
at the Edward Dunn Memorial Hall, Tickhill Road, Maltby


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