More correspondence with RMBC planning

Dear Anita Heydon,

Thankyou for your prompt reply.
Could you please explain why the planning list was only sent on 16th and a notice put up only on 17th when the consultation started on 9th July ? 
I understand that MTC will not be able to discuss these applications now until the next full meeting 2 weeks from tomorrow. The consultation period will then be over ! 
How can this happen ?
I look forward to your early reply.


And got this reply :

“The consultation period show on the web site relates to the neighbour letters which were sent out on 9 July. The site notice was not displayed until the 17th due to staff leave, however the site notice also gives 3 weeks from the date it was displayed,  therefore the consultation period would actually end on 7 August 2012. Although the Council has to give statutory time limits for submitting representations, any that are received after that time, but before the application is determined, will be considered.



Anita Heydon

Assistant Planning Officer
Development Management
Planning and Regeneration
Environment & Development Services
Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council “

Now, either I am not reading properly or Anita is not understanding properly.

Suppose will have to try again.


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