So, I emailed RMBC planning department …






                                                          High Street, Maltby

Dear Louise Hudson,

Regarding planning applications numbered RB2012/1004 ( Date valid 4/7/2012) and RB2012/1007
(Date valid 10/7/2012)
Could you please tell me what date these applications were sent to Maltby Town Council and  if and when they appeared in The Advertiser.

And this was the reply

“Re planning applications RB2012/1004 and RB2012/1007Your e mail to Louise Hudson has been passed on to me for a response as I am the case officer for these applications.These 2 applications appeared on this week’s weekly list which was e mailed out to Maltby town council on 16 July 2012. The applications have been advertised by letters to the occupiers of adjacent properties and by site notice which was put up yesterday (17 July 2012) outside the premises. The applications will not appear in the Rotherham Advertiser as a press notice is not required for this type of application.

I hope that this information is helpful to you, please contact me if you require any further assistance.

Yours faithfully

 Anita Heydon

Assistant Planning Officer
Development Management

Planning and Regeneration

Environment & Development Services

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

 Tel: 01709 823893

Internal from old:  7423893
Internal from new:  23893″


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