Fancy that … Town Councils not statutory consultees for planning applications !

Well here’s some interesting information from RMBC Planning Dept :

“In response to your e mail, the Parish and Town Councils are not statutory consultees for the purposes of planning applications, therefore they are not notified of individual applications as they are received. The Council produces a weekly list of planning applications which have been received and that is e mailed through to the Parish councils on a weekly basis. It is then the responsibility of the Parish council to check for any applications which are of concern to them.

 The fact that there was a slight delay in displaying the site notice has resulted in a longer consultation period that would normally be required, therefore members of the public have additional time in which to submit representations.

Site notices are displayed for applications which are considered to be of interest to the wider population than immediate neighbours and the Weekly List is published on the Council’s website for anyone to view.

 The statutory period that has to be allowed for representations is set out in government legislation and is restricted to 21 days, although as previously stated the Council will consider late representations whenever possible. The Council has an obligation to determine planning applications within 8 weeks therefore it is not possible to delay decisions beyond that time.

 I hope that this addresses your concerns


 Anita Heydon

Assistant Planning Officer
Development Management
Planning and Regeneration
Environment & Development Services
Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council “

So, have Maltby Town Council decided that the plans for High Street are not of interest to them ?

Or, are they interested but by the time MTC get around to discussing them the consultation period will be over ?

Over to you Maltby Town Council.

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