More questions on Maltby High Street planning

Sent: 19 July 2012 11:38
To: Heydon, Anita
Subject: Planning apps RB2012/1004 RB2012/1007

Dear Anita,

Thank you again for your further prompt response.

However it is still not clear why Maltby Town Council only received notification of these plans on 16th July when the application dates are 4th and 9th respectively.
Is it not the case that the town council corncerned – MTC – should be informed before ‘neighbour ‘ letters are sent so that they can actually discuss plans that will affect not only 7 ‘neighbours’ but the rest of the town and it’s businesses and residents ?
One would imagine that when an application is received by RMBC it is a matter of forwarding an email to those concerned ie. MTC

Regarding the site notice which was not displayed until the 17th due to staff leave, if you had informed Maltby Town Council at the appropriate time then perhaps they could have made arrangements for it to be displayed, Perhaps also on a larger scale so that the community are aware of plans which will affect their town.

I note that the consultation period will now end on 7th August but this is still not enough time for MTC to discuss the plans and pass on the information to the public.
As I am sure you are aware, some council meetings are not held in the month of August which would inhibit any urgent information being passed on.
You say that “Although the Council has to give statutory time limits for submitting representations, any that are received after that time, but before the application is determined, will be considered.”
This appears to be a very haphazard system of operating which does not give the public the necessary reassurance that their representations will be considered in the appropriate time.
In this instance the applications could already be determined without public representations considered.

I look forward to your early reply to these issues, considering the time scale of these plans.


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