Olympics ? Sports for all ? What a load of BOWLS !

Here’s the scenario :

An old gentleman who lives in  Maltby fancies a game of bowls. What a good idea – make the most of the good weather while it’s here, keep active and join in with the spirit of the Olympics and all that. Maltby has Coronation Park where there are 2 bowling greens. 

Unfortunately, the responsibility for the upkeep of Coronation Park, Maltby lies with Rotherham Borough Council  and they can only afford the upkeep of one bowling green (they say) This green is a ‘members only’ season ticket affair so our Maltby gentleman is told that he can not pay for a game of bowls. He can go to Herringthorpe, Bradgate Park and Rotherham and pay for a game, but not in Maltby. 
Now any sensible person would agree that this situation is ridiculous. A Maltby resident has to take a bus ride (more on Maltby buses elsewhere!) to have a game of bowls now and then when there is a perfectly good green on their doorstep. 

Can’t wait to hear what our very own 

Councillor Amy L. Rushforth Cabinet Member for Culture and Tourism  

has to say about this. Playing a game of bowls once in a while on the local green is a well established part of Maltby culture.

Of course, if Maltby Town Council bought Coronation Park from RMBC and maintained the facilities themselves, things might be a lot different and surely better. But Maltby’s RMBC representatives  prefer to keep an amenities fund of £60 000 with Maltby Town Council to be spent where and when THEY feel like it, rather than the Maltby community.

Watch out for things happening in the months going up to the next election. Maltby may just get a facelift to enhance certain councillors profiles.










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2 Responses to Olympics ? Sports for all ? What a load of BOWLS !

  1. D.Chambers says:

    Well if the old gent cant get on the bowling green theres still good fun to be had trying to roll his bowls into the potholes on Grange Lane

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