Any comments ? It takes discussion for things to happen !

Think I’ve said before, maltbyblogger is not really into statistics. But it is interesting to look now and again to see if there really is more than one reader of the blog.

From the views this month I can deduce that either one reader takes a look at maltbyblogger up to 147 times a day, which I doubt, or that there is more than one viewer of the pages.

Yet there are very few comments. 

From this I deduce that either what mb is posting is incorrect (in which case tell me so that I can correct it) or that the information is correct (which I know it is) and those involved in the issues don’t want anything discussed further or, investigated further.

This is not a very good way to run a democratically elected council.

So come on councillors, clerks, leaders and public.

maltbyblogger really does want t know your views – constructive or otherwise ! 

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