Consultation for Coronation Park – today, 6th August 2012

News just in … still time to attend !

Coronation Park 11-4
Birds of prey
Bouncy castle
Face painting
Plus lots more! There is something for all ages!
Pie & peas, hotdogs and drinks served at Stepping Stones Children’s Centre.

Maltby Town Council believes this Fun Day “lends itself to an ideal opportunity to carry out consultation for Coronation Park “

Any councillors wishing to take up this opportunity to talk about Coronation Park with the public, can get some questionnaires ifilled in.

Sounds a good plan … but why only Coronation Park ? Where can the public discuss other areas in Maltby for this so called “consultation”  ? 

Anyone would think that the whole £60 000 that MTC has set aside for “Maltby Amenities” was all going on the park and no where else ! 

Wonder if Cllrs Rushforth, Beaumont and Godfrey  will be attending and filling in questionnaires …




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