Guido v Kevin Barron – embarrassed yet Kevin ?

Guido v Kevin Barron

Think this is worth a share around for those who missed it the first time – especially in the wake of the Denis Macshane recent revelations and the second home shenanigans.

3 years on and it’s as relevant and shocking as it was then.

Guido v Kevin Barron 


‘I submitted bills that took me up to the limit of what I could GET for the year’.


Do the ‘honourable’ thing Kevin Barron and resign NOW.

(you can pay back what you owe the taxpayer later)

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3 Responses to Guido v Kevin Barron – embarrassed yet Kevin ?

  1. anne says:

    My God he ought to be so embarrassed!
    Pontificating on telly just now about Maltby Pit the hypocrite.
    Claiming excessive or illegal expenses are the same in my book. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Barron would be the first to shout ‘jail em’ for a benefit thief – time us constituents told him where to go – oh and not to Thialand on expenses either.
    Sold down the river by an ex miner – whatever next ?

  2. Kevin Barron became an electrician at Maltby Colliery on leaving school in 1962 and spent the next 23 years working in the coal industry.

    Check out the new Kevin Barron posts coming soon, for more info on Rother Valley’s ” Rt Honourable MP”

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