Why Nigel Bonson? A Personal Perspective

From Vonny Watts on http://rotherhampolitics.wordpress.com/2012/11/03/why-nigel-bonson-a-personal-perspective/
“I think you will find that you may ask any question you wish of Nigel Bonson and he will answer it adeptly, honestly and with the ultimate aim of attempting to persuade the people of South Yorkshire that he really is the most competent candidate based on his experience and his passion for effective policing.

Independently of that, I am of course keen that the issues in Rotherham around grooming are fully exposed. The motive? I am a mother, a woman and a feminist. I’m keen to say that the outrage I feel that young women in Rotherham were let down so badly by the agencies who should have protected them, is not motivated by political strategy, as Michael Sylevester seems to be cynically suggesting. I sat my daughter, aged ten down yesterday, and showed her a video about grooming. I felt terrible doing this. I didn’t want to have to take away her innocence. She hasn’t even embarked on her life as an adult and I am having to arm her against these evil predators. What else would a mother do in such circumstances? I had a conversation on the issue with my friend’s teenage boy for the same reason last night. Politics doesn’t come into it, Caring for our young people does! We are parents above all else.

I want answers for the victims who stepped forward. I want those who have not come forward yet to feel the confidence to do so. Girls were being abused. Their first point of contact most likely wasn’t the police. It would have been further down the line that police became engaged if I’m not mistaken? So, I do, as a mother and a woman, with personal experience from my own youth of girls being let down by those who should have cared for them, want answer
Of course those answers will need to come from those who were in charge at the time.
Vonny Watts

Well saidVonny ! I am of the same opinion regarding who to vote for, at the PCC election. As you say, Nigel Bonson appears to be the only candidate who will respond honestly and openly to all questions put to him. I have no affinity with Conservative policies whatsoever, but this election is/should be non party political.
Shaun Wright’s track record has shown clearly that he is not fit to be a candidate let alone be elected. It amazes me that he is still continuing with his hypocritical campaign. But then again, with Rotherham Labour councillors and MPs we are constantly learning more and more about their true motives and they are not for the benefit of the people of Rotherham.

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