The case against the BNP

The Yorkshire Post today carries a story about the comments made by BNP candidate for the European Parliament Marlene Guest, regarding the Holocaust.

She said that “dentistry and plastic surgery” were positives to come out of the Holocaust. The comments were made on the Sky One BNP Wives documentary last year.

Having belittled the suffering of the 6 million who died in the Holocaust, she then went on to question whether this actually happened, “Now Nick Griffin [BNP Chairman] queried numbers…I’ve read a thing called Did 6 Million Jews Really Die?…If they’d have kept the crematorium going in this little camp for 24/7 for 50 years they still couldn’t have burnt that amount of bodies.”

I suppose a positive thing to come out of this quote is to see that the BNP candidates are so well read. It’s good to know that Ms. Guest thinks there was only one…

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