Councillor Sharon Maxwell Speaks Again


Following on from the mis – information that Cllr Sharon Maxwell gave at a meeting of Maltby Town Council regarding the closure of Maltby Fire Station, here is her latest statement on Facebook about the matter :

“Just so you know it was me that passed the info to the town council about the fire station so people could be made aware of the situation if it was true, so we could support maltby fire crews in apposing the closure.”  

Yes honestly, these are the exact words she has posted. Difficult to believe coming from the mouth of a town councillor ? Remember this is a Maltby Town Councillor who are in the main a law unto themselves – especially the ones who were Labour, turned Independant and now brown nose with the Labour Party regardless of what label they give themselves.

“so people could be made aware of the situation if it was true” 

I don’t like to use too many cliches, but jumping the gun describes this perfectly.

It also just about sums up the mind set of those elected to Maltby Town Council. It could possibly be true  or it could possibly happen in the future, so they think it best to get in there first with a statement and claim the perceived glory in it.


A request for minutes of the meeting where this information was recorded and passed on to the Rotherham Advertiser, is now in order – but maltbyblogger never holds her breath for long in these matters.



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