SY PCC Elections – the fall out begins

Reblogged from Rotherham Politics – with thanks

Thanks to S Thornton for the contact details to comment or complain about elections.

maltbyblogger shall be contacting South Yorks Police regarding our new Police and Crime Commissioner’s (Shaun Wright ) postings on his website pre election. I am sure many others will do the same. No good having a PCC who says one thing and practises another. 

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2 Responses to SY PCC Elections – the fall out begins

  1. olympics2012 says:

    Can we just give the pcc the time it will take to sort this sorry mess out and get off the backs of our hard working mps

  2. Hard working MPs, olympics2012 ?
    Which ones would that be then ?
    maltbyblogger names names as appropriate and if there are some MPs who are doing a good job, then we ought to congratulate them on here !

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