Independant Candidate Prepared to Give £20k to Charity if elected

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    Independant candidate for Rotherham By Election  Rev Simon Copley says 
    “I am local and prepared to give £20k of my MP salary away to Rotherham based charities and community groups. To prove I am not biased I would invite my defeated fellow candidates to nominate the first ten causes…”     
    Sounds a very commendable thing to do Rev Copley and will surely swing votes in your direction. but let’s hope the election does not become a battle on who publicly donates to charities though, as that has rather a touch of the Kevin Barron to it … … 
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5 Responses to Independant Candidate Prepared to Give £20k to Charity if elected

  1. D.Chambers says:

    I would have thought this contravenes the guidelines

  2. Candidate guidelines you mean, D. Chambers ?
    Suppose it depends how the donation is donated.

  3. The twinning sign is a pearler ! It ought to equate with the jail tho lol. All the town hall dwellers could go there where they belong.

  4. revsimcop says:

    Thanks – I thought it contravened them too – in fact I was going to put it in my election leaflet but decided not to as it could have been contrued as an attempt to sway voters (especially as I was going to support Rotherham Charities) and I was under no illusions that this would be highlighted by other candidates (if I ever was proving too threatening ha!). In the event Paul Dickson and Marlene Guest both made similar promises in leaflets, to my chagrin (and I think Yvonne Ridley did too but my memory may be faulty on that).
    I only came out with the promise when put on the spot by Rowley Richardson in the Radio debate – I hadn’t discussed it with “her indoors” since the start of the campaign so she was under the impression that it was only one of my mad ideas not an actual campaign promise – so being put on the spot, I committed myself. She was not too impressed! Her annoyance rather took the shine off my subsequent drubbing of the Lib Dems!!
    Lesson 1 – always check your manifesto with your “trouble and strife” and agent – in that order!!

  5. Thanks for that explanation. As it turned out the offer didn’t need to be carried out. Perhaps you did get extra votes because of the offer or maybe less because of it – suppose we will never
    know ! Good plan to run ideas past Mrs revsimcop. Sure she can vouch for the “general public” on manu things .

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