Where’s Our MP Kevin Barron In All These Labour Shenanigans ?

Labour candidate Sarah Champion has been pulled out of the BBC Radio Sheffield debate tonight at New York stadium – by the Labour Party. Not because of the fostering  issue as we might think but because the time would be better spent on valuable canvassing, apparently.

No open and transparent report from RMBC. Just a ‘statement’ that passes the buck onto other ‘outside agencies’. It will be long after Thursday’s election no doubt before that report is available.

Labour’s  dirty tricks appear to be never ending to cover their backs.

Harriet Harman is on her way up North to save us and numerous Labour supporters have been bussed into Rotherham specially to camapign for their rapidly sinking party – because local members are refusing to do it.

Canvassers covering Broom, in Councillor Mahroof Hussain’s ward are mystified by the reaction of some voters in this once Labour stronghold.

“Some say they are under the assumption that because he is canvassing he must be standing as MP.”

“They think they’re voting for Mahroof and when you tell them this is not the case they are mystified”

Seems that Mahrouf is  telling constituents they will be able to vote for him at Thursday’s by election. Conning constituents, is what Labour Party do, but this is surely too bad even for them!

TUSC are holding a pre election rally at the Unity Centre tonight at 7pm. Candidate  Ralph Dyson, Dave Nellist, a former Workers MP on a Workers Wage, and Michael Lavalette, Preston socialist councillor are speaking.

Can’t wait to hear who will actually be on the Radio Sheffield ‘hustings’.   Listen here  http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/player/bbc_radio_sheffield

EDIT : maltbyblogger was under the impression that the hustings at New York Stadium was to be broadcast live live on Radio Sheffield but it the debate is being recorded.

John Healey, Tom Watson, Sarah Champion and many others have been emailing Labour members all last week to ask for their support and time in their campaign.

But what about our Kevin ?  Has anyone seen or heard the Rt Hon Kevin Barron MP recently? Is he in his Maltby home town or is he still rent swapping down London ? Has he an opinion on what’s happening in Rotherham run by this appalling Labour Council ?  If so, he’s keeping it quiet from the people of Maltby.

This reminds me of the time back in 2008 when I went to visit him at his constituency surgery, concerned about serious issues within Maltby Town Council.  His response  …

“I refuse to speak politics with you”.

Says it all really.

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3 Responses to Where’s Our MP Kevin Barron In All These Labour Shenanigans ?

  1. afterforty says:

    Any idea on what time it will be playing on BBC Sheffield ?

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