Perhaps Rotherham Does Get What It Deserves …

A sad day for Rotherham. With such a low turnout, perhaps Rotherham has got what it deserves in the election of another Labour MP. No change there then.

maltbyblogger’s view on the comments of Kevin Barron and Roger Stone not printable here.

What’s your view ?

From Rotherham Advertiser :

“BY-ELECTION: Labour retains Rotherham seat


Sarah Champion – Rotherham’s newly elected Labour MP

LABOUR’S Sarah Champion is Rotherham’s new MP after the party weathered a by-election backlash.The children’s hospice chief took 46 per cent of the vote, ahead of UKIP’s Jane Collins in second place with 21.6 per cent.

Delighted Ms Champion, the town’s first woman MP, thanked her campaign team and said: “The hard work starts now. Tomorrow I will start dealing with the many issues raised with me during the campaign. I will serve as MP as I have at Bluebell Wood, not for what I can get out of it but for what I can put back in.”

Ms Champion won 9,866 votes, a majority of 5,218 over Ms Collins, who doubled UKIP’s 2010 vote count.

The BNP’s Marlene Guest finished in third with 1,804 votes, ahead of Respect’s Yvonne Ridley with 1,778.Mrs Guest said: “I’m appalled by the turnout. People say they will support you but then they stay home and vote for I’m A Celebrity instead.”

Cllr Mahroof Hussain, whose hopes of the Labour nomination were shot down by the party at national level, said: “From a personal point of view it would have been nice. But Sarah was chosen and Rotherham needs Labour, not soundbites from the likes of UKIP.”

Rother Valley MP Kevin Barron said: “I’m looking forward to working with Sarah, she’s done some terrific work with Bluebell Wood and now the Rotherham constituency will see that.”

Rotherham Borough Council leader Cllr Roger Stone added: “It’s like starting afresh. She has no baggage, she’s very bright and she’ll learn.”

Turnout was 33.89 per cent, compared with 59 per cent in the General Election two years ago.

Dr MacShane, Rotherham’s MP since 1994, resigned on November 2 over false expenses claims.


BECKETT, Michael Liberal Democrats 451  
BRISTOW, Clint Independent 29  
CHAMPION, Sarah Deborah Labour 9,866 ELECTED  
COLLINS, Jane Maria UKIP 4,648  
COPLEY, Simon Keith Independent 582  
DICKSON, Paul Independent 51  
DYSON, Ralph Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 261  
GUEST, Marlene British National Party 1,804  
RIDLEY, Yvonne Respect 1,778  
WILDGOOSE, David Basil English Democrats 703  
WILSON, Simon Francis

Conservative 1,157

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2 Responses to Perhaps Rotherham Does Get What It Deserves …

  1. Chris Reed says:

    Rotherham gets what it has voted for, it is called democracy something you obviously find very hard to stomach. What you continually fail to grasp is that when democracy speaks you have to listen and respect it. Just because it doesn’t go your way doesn’t mean it isn’t right and that you then have to start hysterically thrashing letters and emails out to all and sundry. In case you haven’t noticed nobody is particularly interested in your crazy views.

    Also, I saw your peice on the ukip foster case and could really feel how you felt for those kids…. all the while you’re supporting the palestinians who are firing rockets at school kids in israel, you are a v v mixed up sick person.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and for your comments, Chris Reed (though commenting rather contradicts your statement “nobody is particularly interested in your crazy views.”)

    What I find hard to stomach is not democracy itself, as you suggest, but the power hungry individuals who purport to represent ‘the people’ yet in reality only serve themselves with their policies and actions. Maltby has a long history of certain elected members doing just that of which I have first hand experience. It is not a case of being ‘right’ or of ‘things going your way’. As for sending emails and letters, well where would democracy and free speech be without our right to do that?

    Could you specify the “peice on the ukip foster case” which you refer to, so that I may respond to your comment ?
    If you wish to debate the Palestinian/Israeli situation, I’d be pleased to oblige. Name the motion and we can begin, providing you have your facts correct.

    Best wishes,

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