Seems like our Kev is on the move.   

FOR SALE : £334,995  

  • Four bedroom detached family residence
  • Gas central heating, and solar heated water
  • Double glazing where stated
  • Impressive rear garden and terraces
  • Outside gym and sauna
  • Off street parking. No chain.


The ‘family home’ of the Rt Hon Kevin Barron MP is up for sale.

Very nice. Doesn’t look as though it’s been lived in very much. Maybe the owner has other properties that he’s been using to live in.

Our local MP must have had enough of being amongst the people he’s supposed to represent. Wonder where he’s going ? Do we really care as long as we get a decent MP – if there is such a thing.

We can’t blame him really though, can we ? We’re only jealous of him having a £350,000 house to sell and another £500,000 that he got by selling his London property (taxpayer funded) aren’t we ?

We really wish it was us who could get out of Maltby and retire somewhere where we wouldn’t ever have to think about ORDINARY MALTBY PEOPLE ever again, don’t we ?

No ?

Oh, maybe Rt Hon Kevin had better watch his back then.There’s a lot of unhappy, disillusioned, jobless, hard up people in his home town looking for justice.






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  1. Oh yeah I wish it was me ! But then I wouldn’t have shat on the people of Rother Valley as he has done. I said 30 years ago that he was a ‘bad ‘un’ when he hoodwinked the NUM into thinking he was one of us. I don’t take pleasure in saying I told you so and I wish I had been wrong, but he had the look in his eye as a chancer then and he hasn’t changed.
    I hope he’s proud of himself, he should be – he has let down every one of the Rother Valley voters whilst feathering his own nest.
    He should be proud to be a Tory, we can only hope he lives to regret his actions.
    The voters of Rother Valley won’t forget him! He’ll be infamous for his feather nesting. I hope the feathers matt and choke him!

  2. Not too keen on him then, anne ?

  3. Have a gander at RothPol – there’s some brilliant pics about him there. All over twitter too. Can’t think where they came from pmsl

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